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ABC Machinery provides a range of palm oil making machines to extract oil from fresh fruit bunches of oil palm. The following is the typical palm oil manufacturing process which might be useful for new investors of palm oil production business.

Main Machinery for Making Palm Oil: Steriliser, digester, stripper machine, screw press, nut/fiber separator and so on.

The manufacture of crude palm oil involves a series of processes starting with harvesting fresh fruit bunches from the plantations and ending with crude palm oil storage. Through sterilizing, threshing, mashing and expelling, crude palm oil will be pressed out in palm oil pressing machine (screw oil press). Each station of palm oil mill uses different methods and machines. After purifying and refining, the refined palm oil can be exported as a popular kind of healthy and edible oil. Browse through the details of palm oil manufacturing in the following:

Plam Fruit Harvesting Process

palm fruit harvesting

The initial process in palm oil mill is reaping the palm fruit bunches.

Sterilizing Station

palm fruit sterilizing process

Through fruit reception system (left of the above photos), the palm fruit bunches will be transported to the next process - Sterilizing Station.

The disinfection process utilizes steam or water to sterilize the fresh palm fruits. This process likewise stops enzymatic responses that prompt oxidation and upsets the cells which are found in the mesocarp, so that to improve the oil extraction efficiency and final oil product quality. Dry sterilizing means roasting or smoking the fruits, while wet process means boiling or steaming the fruits. If choose dry process, the palm fruits are separated first, and then sterilized. If use wet process, the fruits are sterilized before threshing.

Threshing Station

threshing process of palm oil mill

In the threshing process of palm oil mill. The fruitlets are separated from the whole bunches by use of stripper machine. Threshing is generally mechanical in large palm oil mill by use of thresher, which rotates or vibrates to remove the fruits from the bunch.

Digesting Station

digesting process of palm oil mill

Before extracting oil, the palm fruits need to be crushed in digester machines. To augment oil yield, the fruit pulp is also warmed in this process. The mesocarp and nuts can be squeezed together in palm oil making/pressing machine. But if you plan to make Grade A Palm Oil, the palm nut/kernel should be removed before oil pressing section.

Oil Pressing Station

palm oil making machine

The pulp is then pressed, which bursts the oil-containing cells, releasing the palm oil. There are several types of oil making machines that may be used to press the fruit pulp, including manual presses, hydraulic presses, and screw presses. The screw press is the most commonly used palm oil making machine in both small and large scale palm oil manufacturing plant due to its high oil extraction rate.

Palm Oil Clarification Station

clarification of palm oil manufacturing

The purpose of clarification in palm oil manufacturing process is to remove impurities. The final crude palm oil will be storage in bulk in a tank.

Palm Kernel Recovery Plant

palm kernel recovery plant

After palm oil expelling, the solids parts discharged from the screw press is mixture of fiber and nuts. In palm kernel recovery plant, the nuts and fiber are separated by physical means. The nuts are sent to palm kernel crushing and solvent extraction plant to make palm kernel oil, while the fiber is used as biomass fuel in boiler on-site.

  • Dear Sir, My company based out of the United States and also now setting up operations in Ghana is now looking into purchasing a production plant for the refining of palm oil, palm crude oil and palm kernel oil. We are looking for a plant setup with a capacity between 150- 200TPD. We realize that your company suppliers plants for the production and refining of the above products mentioned. What is your advise on type plant setup and kindly forward to us a proforma invoice of such plant. Thank you.
  • Pleased to learn that you're interested in our products palm oil mill plant! However, pls kindly inform us more info by filling in the form in the email attachment, so we could know your requirements in details, thus suggest and quote for you accordingly.
  • We have got 200 acres and we are looking at setting up a small palm oil business.
    Q1: Do you export to Australia?
    Q2: Lets say I do the lot on site, what do you suggest in equipment and what are your prices.
  • Thanks for your enquiry to our products. As for your questions,
    A1. Yes, we had export lots of equipments to Australia before, both single machines and complete system.
    A2. Pls kindly advise us your desired processing capacity per day or per year. so we could design and quote for you accordingly
    By the way, are you telling me that you're going to build the plant in Australia? What's your purpose of this oil, for cooking or biodiesel, could you tell me more info...
  • Hi, dear.  Does your company source or manufacture centrifuges and decanters for the processing of waste palm oil. We are looking for 2 to 3 tonne per hour decanter for solids removal and a centrifuge for water removal.
  • Hi, As for your request, could you kindly advise the following questions:
    i) As for the palm sludge oil, what's the proportion of solid/sludge?
    ii) And what's the proportion of palm oil and water?
    iii) Why do you need extra centrifugal to remove the water, since the decanter could separate solid, water and oil already?
  • Please i need a medium palm oil processing machine that can produce 20-30 thousand litres capacity per day, how much will it cost? My business location is Nigeria, Niger Delta region, i have land already,but no adequate power supply, no workshop, I am starting from scratch.
  • As you mentioned you want produce 20,000-30,000liter oil per day, so you need to set up 100ton/day as input capacity. Our advices for your business plan have send to your email. Could you let us know what is your estimate budget for this oil plant project so we can help you make the most suitable equipment list and factory layout design along with the exact project cost.
  • Please furnish pictures, specifications and prices of your palm oil and palm kernel oil processing machines. Palm Fruit Oil Machine: From 100 to 120TPD; Palm Kernel Oil Machine: From 80 to  100TPD. How long does it take for your shipment and assembly in Nigeria.Thank you.
  • We want you confirm your capacity again, 100TPD capacity is a very big capacity in Nigeria and investment is very huge. Small capacity machine is much big different from the big one,  small capacity plant is semi automatic and large capacity is much automatic.
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