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Palm oil processing machine is part of the chemical process technology field whose target is to study the palm oil production process and palm oil milling equipment. So, choosing the most suitable palm oil milling machinery is very important whether you start palm oil production business or invest in palm oil mill industry. (Related article: palm oil machine price>>)

business plan guideline: palm oil processing machine selection
Business Plan Guideline: Palm Oil Processing Machine Selection 

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Palm Oil Processing Machine Selection and Culcalation to Start Business Plan 

When start the palm oil milling equipment setup for your palm oil production business, the process requirements and the specifications, performance, technical characteristics and use conditions of various equipment must be fully considered. In the selection of palm oil milling machines generally determine the type first, and then consider the specifications. (Read more: small scale palm oil processing machine price in nigeria>>)

Principle to Choose Palm Oil Milling Machine for Business Plan

The general used equipment in palm oil production line are: common equipment (which is standard equipment, including raw materials conveying, power driving, separation, cleaning equipment etc.), specialized processing equipment, storing machine, heat exchanging machine, etc. 

palm oil mill plant sent to Ghana
Buy Factory Price Palm Oil Milling Machine Setup for Small Business

The following principles must be followed when selecting palm oil mill equipment:

  • The palm oil production process requirements must be satisfied. The selected palm oil mill machine, production capacity, technical parameters, the number of units etc. should meet the production requirements.

  • The selected palm oil milling equipment on sale should have high production efficiency, low energy consumption, a reasonable and compact structure, occupying little space and ground, low operating labor intensity, easy to use, maintenance, cleaning, installation, safe and reliable.

  • The palm oil processing equipment should meet the requirements of safety, fire and explosion prevention, high temperature, corrosion resistance, etc. of the oil and grease plant, and not to produce pollution to the product.

  • The palm oil milling line should be considered as far as possible to use supporting, continuous, high degree of automation equipment. 

  • For some key failure-prone equipment, the reserve of spare parts and substitute equipment should be given due consideration.

  • The palm oil production line structure design should be reasonable, the materials used can adapt to various working conditions, there is a reasonable control system in terms of temperature, pressure, vacuum, concentration, time, speed, flow, liquid level, counting and monitoring of parameters such as procedures, and try to use automatic control methods.

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Calculation of Palm Oil Mill Equipment

Palm oil processing equipment selection is based on the capacity of the palm oil milling machine.

For example: a factory day and night production capacity of A, equipment handling capacity of V, the number of equipment N-A/Y, the N value obtained cannot be a decimal, should be taken adjacent to the larger integer.  Note: Here the said output includes: conveying equipment of conveying volume, heat exchange equipment of heat exchange area, evaporation equipment of evaporation volume, storage equipment of storage volume and processing equipment of processing volume etc(Learn more: palm oil wholesale price philippines>>)

low cost palm oil milling projects in nigeria
Low Cost Palm Oil Milling Projects Setup from ABC Machinery

When carrying out the selection and calculation of palm oil processing machine, firstly it is important to note the difference between the maximum production capacity of the palm oil mill machine and the most economical and reasonable production capacity of the equipment. (Read more: how to start palm oil business in ghana>>)

  • During the palm oil processing machine setup for business plan, people always think that it is better that the equipment plays the maximum production capacity. Actually, from the point of view of the safe operation of the equipment, it is not reasonable if the equipment is operating at maximum load for a long time in your palm oil production business. Because the palm oil milling machine has an optimal speed range, in which the equipment costs the least energy and has the longest service life for your business. The maximum capacity of the palm oil mill plant should not be used as the basis for the machinery selection calculation, but should be taken as the best production capacity. In general, the maximum production capacity of the equipment is indicated on the product specification.

  • On the other hand, the selection and matching of production capacity and number of palm oil processing units should be taken into account, not only for continuous production, but also for operability in the event of unexpected accidents. The palm oil mill plant capacity will change as the raw materials are processed, and this should be fully considered in the palm oil mill machine setup for the business plan. 

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