How to Make Project Cost Budget for Palm Oil Processing Business Setup?

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Project cost budget is one very important step before starting palm oil production, also is the key to succeed in setting up palm oil processing business. Here is to tell you how to make palm oil mill project cost budget calculation before you start to setup a business plan. (Related article:  palm oil business in nigeria>>)

business plan: palm oil mill project cost budget
Business Plan: Palm Oil Mill Project Cost Budget

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Why Starting the Palm oil Project Budget?

  • Specific documents for determining the budget cost of construction and installation projects

  • It is the basis for project bidding

  • The basis for signing the contract of construction and installation works and the completion settlement of the project

  • The basis for the construction unit to ask the construction bank to allocate the project price

  • The basis for the construction unit to implement the enterprise to strengthen management, as well as construction estimates and project budget comparison

  • The basis for construction enterprises to implement plan management and prepare construction operation plan

Making Project Cost Budget of Palm Oil Processing Project

There are cost estimates and budgets for palm oil milling projects. Different investment plans are prepared according to the different stages of design.  And the project estimate is generally completed during the preliminary design stage, and the project budget is completed after the construction drawing design is completed. (Related article: cost of setting up a palm oil mill in nigeria>>)

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Palm Oil Processing Project Cost Estimate

First of all, according to the specific requirements of the design mission statement for the preliminary palm oil processing cost estimate. With the specificity of the design content, the construction scale structure nature, equipment type and quantity and other aspects of the content of the preliminary design may have differences. For this reason, the palm oil mill plant design unit should be a specific accounting of investment, the preliminary estimate for the revision, that is, the revised palm oil milling project estimate. (Read more: cost of oil refinery plant>>)

Palm Oil Making Plant Cost Budget

The palm oil project budget is made after the completion of the construction plan design. After the design is all completed and passed the meeting, before the project starts, the construction unit according to the construction drawings, construction organization design, budget quotas, the cost of various fees, the construction area of the natural, economic conditions and other information, pre-calculated and determine the economic documents of the single line project and unit project all construction costs in the construction budget estimate construction projects are divided differently from the engineering design. (Related article: palm oil processing machine price in ghana>>)

The budget estimate for a palm oil production project and the engineering cost are calculated separately from the design information, according to the cost components, and obtained by aggregation. Different scales of palm oil making plant have different details, we are offering the customization service at low cost. For more details of palm oil production cost and budget analysis, you can contact us at no cost now!

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Cost Content of Palm Oil Production Project Budget

The current palm oil factory construction project investment includes construction investment and current asset investment, construction investment includes construction and installation project cost, equipment and work, apparatus purchase cost items, other costs of construction, reserve costs, interest during the construction period, of which the composition of the construction and installation project cost is the specific content of the project cost.

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Low Cost Small Palm Oil Processing Machinery for Sale

  • Construction equipment and work, apparatus acquisition costs, refers to the amount of equipment purchased for the project or self-made to meet the standards of fixed assets and the first batch of work equipment configured for new and expanded projects, as well as the costs required for the production of furniture, consisting of equipment acquisition costs and work equipment and production furniture acquisition costs. (Learn more: palm kernel oil refining process >>)

  • Other costs of construction, including the cost of land and electricity, other costs related to the construction of the project and costs related to the future operation of the enterprise.

  • The preparation cost, including basic preparation cost and price increase preparation cost

  • Construction period interest is the interest incurred during the construction period of the project and credited to fixed assets.

Low-Cost Palm Oil Processing Project Report Around the World

ABC Machinery, as a manufacturer and supplier with over a decade of experience in palm oil mill plant construction and business plan design, can provide a comprehensive and professional turkey palm oil milling project cost budget for business plan when faced with many different types of customer needs. Here are is video of one of our palm oil processing projects setup around the world. 

Setup Video of Palm Oil Production Project Report 

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