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small palm oil milling process design
Common Processing Flow for 1~10 ton per day production (300~500kg/h)

Setting up a palm oil mill plant isn't easy because a lot of factors such as accessibility and equipment have to be considered. An interesting thing about the global palm oil market is that it needs mini and small palm oil mill plants in order for its marketing operations to be successful.

Normally, a mini scale plant usually produces between 1-10 tonnes of palm oil daily while a small scale plant can process between 10-20 tonnes per day. If you are wondering how a palm oil factory can be set up and how the red palm oil is produced, below is a comprehensive information guide of how a small scale palm oil processing plant can be set up and the production processes involved.

How to Start Small Palm Oil Mill Business?

You need to search for the right location with ample space. A suitable location should be conveniently located near the palm fruit farms because you need a constant and fresh supply of Fresh Fruit Bunches i.e. the FFB. The location should be big and wide enough to perfectly accommodate many trucks which will be offloading fruits. A bigger space is also essential in the processing because some stages have to be done by hands manually and there has to be enough space for manual workers.

20 ton per day palm oil mill plant for small palm fruit milling production

Main Equipment for Small Palm Oil Milling Plant

Most manufacturing processes require water and the processing of palm oil isn't an exception. The palm oil mill plant should have a constant supply of steaming or boiling water that will be used during sterilization. Also, the surrounding environment has to be clean. If there is no access to treated water, the best alternative is to use borehole water which is cheaper and reliable.

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Equipment Required in Small Palm Oil Extraction Mill

The most important equipment that is required in the production of palm oil is the palm oil expeller press or palm oil milling machine. The whole production process revolves around the extraction machine and this include sterilization, threshing, sterilizingas well as oil clarification. However, oil milling machines vary a lot depending on how the plant is going to be mechanized. For Instance, your palm oil milling machine doesn't need a thresher if the threshing process is going to be done manually by laborers. But the good thing about mechanizing all the processes is that it helps to save time and to improve the plant's hygiene by reducing the amount of wastes. Machines found in mills are like the palm fruit threshing machine, boiler, digesting machine, conveyor, screw oil press, oil filter and dryer.

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Screw type Small Palm Pruit Oil Mill Machine (Electric Engine)
low cost diesel engine small palm oil pressing machine
Screw Type Small Palm Fruit Oil Press (Diesel Engine)
small palm oil manufacturing plant shipment
Equipment Shipment


When it comes to workers in the palm oil processing factory, if they are not experienced for the job then they have to be first trained on how to handle and operate different machines. However, manual laborers such as those who are responsible for offloading fruit bunches don't even need extensive training but the plant may need professional members of staff such as a mechanical engineer who will be responsible for maintaining the mill, a chemical engineer responsible for testing and evaluating the oil among others.

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