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In recent years, the market of palm oil production in Malaysia is booming. More and more investors find strating a palm oil mill really good business plan, especially in Malaysia and Indonesia. As an professinal and reliable palm oil machine manufacturer and supplier, we always believe that  equipment quality is always the heart of one company's performance. To serve each of our client in the best possible manner on mutually beneficial basis in a long run, we keep treating quality and service as a way of life. If you want to get more about our palm oil pressing machinery or want a detailed and customized palm oil business plan, please don't hesitate to contact us and we are always at your service!

Palm oil is a edible oil that is derived primarily from palm tree.The palm oil has countless domestic and industrial uses that make it the most important ingredient in chemical industries.The palm tree is most grown in the tropical parts of Africa,Asia and the Latin America.This article will offer you information about the uses ,production process and the world market requirement of the palm oil, especially palm oil production in Malaysia. Palm oilis specifically useful in cosmetics and toilettories industries as in most cases it used as an active ingrideints in most wil cover palm oil production in Malysia.

MANFUCTURE PROCESS There are four methods that can be used to manufacture palm oil as they are categorized here below:

Traditional Methods

The different types of milling are based on the output and how complex the process will be.Today the use of machines has been adopted to replace the traditional methods which are outdated.The latter method is tedious and time consuming.The process of extraction of the palm oil is by the use of solvent extraction methods.

machienry for palm oil production in Malaysia

The following process of manufacture is used to produce quality palm oil as indicated below in a stepwise manner:

Palm fruit preparation

After the fruit is harvested ,it’s mainly taken to the processing area mostly within 48 hours.Upon arrival to the processing area ,it is weighed.the quality of the fruit is checked at this point. (More about palm fruit preparation of extraction of palm oil)

Sorting out the fruit

The nest step involves thrashing to separate the bad from the good ones,The palm fruit is given the right type of moisture awaiting the next stage.


The fruit must be sterilized by the means of a high temparatures,The fruit can also be sterilized by the use of hot water There are some fruits which are sterilized by cooking which mainly serves the following objectives: (more about palm oil sterilizer machine)

  • It helps to destroy enzymes ,thereby minimizing oxidation and hydrolysis.
  • It helps to soften structure of the pulp making it easy for them to digest.
  • The moisture obtained while boiling is used to break gums and resins.


This is where the palm oil is obtained from the fruit which breaks down the oil cells. The processing may be done either manually or chemically. (More about digesting of palmoil processing plant)

Palm Oil Refining

This is the last stage in the manufacturing process where the palm oil that is obtained from the digestion stage washed to remove the impurities in crude palm oil refinery plant which may destroy the palm oil.

mini palm oil refining factory
Mini / Small Palm Oil Refining Factory

complete palm oil refinery mill
Complete Scale Crud Palm Oil Refinery Mill

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The world Market Demand of Palm Oil

With the ever increasing world population ,leads to the increase in demand of the palm oil and associated products, Indonesia is perhaps the world's best palm oil producer ,followed by Malysia.Palm oil production in Malaysia is a major economy in which the government assists the citizens with subsidies to help them increase production of palm oil.The demand of palm oil all over the is projected to increase due to the rapidly growing population.

global palm oil production industry

  • What are the uses of the palm oil in the industries?

The palm oil can be used for various uses in the industries which include:it is used to make hair products,used to make edible oils plus other soaps.

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