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After palm oil pressing process, solids parts (mixtures of palm fibre and nuts) will be discharged out of the screw press. In palm kernel recovery plant, the nuts and fibre will be separated by physical method. The fibre are burned in steam boiler as biomass fuel. The super-heated steam is then used to drive turbines to generate electricity for the to the complete palm oil extraction plant. The nuts are send to crushing system to remove the shell. Palm kernel is another by-product of palm oil mill, which can be further processed in palm kernel processing plant to extract palm kernel oil, while the shells are sold as fuel to other industries.

Palm Kernel Recovery System

kernel recovery of palm oil mill
Nut and fibre separating Unit (Depericarper) Kernel Silo Mission Control Center of Kernel Plant

After palm oil extraction, the nuts and fiber are recovered from the mash. The mixture of nut and fiber is dried first and then separated from each other in depericarper (nut & fibre separator). As fibers is light in weight, they are carried away by air flow, while nuts are fall into a rotary drum. The separated fibers are used in the boiler as fuel. The nuts are sent to nut silo. By use of cracking machinery, the palm kernel will be recovered from the nuts. The nut shells are collected and feed into boiler with fiber. The kernels are further processed in palm kernel oil extraction plant to produce palm kernel oil (PKO) and palm kernel cake (PKC).

The rate of FFA increase is much faster in broken kernels. So try to keep the kernel breakage as low as possible during the nut crushing processes.

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