2 ton/h Crude Palm Oil Machine in Nigeria

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If you are planning to establish your own palm oil plant and looking for the best crude palm oil machine set with high cost effective, here is a palm fruit processing business plan for your reference! It is a complete crude palm oil machine set with the production output 2 ton per hour.

Palm oil has many benefits ranging from prevention of vitamin A deficiency to high blood pressure prevention. Though it is often produced in large quantities, small palm oil extraction is also available now. Read more about palm oil processing market in Nigeria >>

2 ton/h Crude Palm Oil Machine in Nigeria

The following project layout design is very popular in Nigeria, Thailand, India and Indonesia. View the photos below the get more details of the factory design and included equipment. If you want to get a customized palm fruits processing business plan for establishing your own factory, don't hesitate to contact us!

complete crude palmoil machine set
Complete Palm Oil Machine Set
palm fruit loading process of the small palm oil factory
Palm Fruits Loading
transported to palm fruits cooking machine
Sent to Cooking Machine
palm fuits cooking basket
Palm Fruits Cooking Basket
palm fruits after cooking or heating
Palm Fruit Bunches after Cooking
palm fruits threshing machine
Threshing of Fruit Bunches
extracted crude palm oil
Crude Palm Oil
crude palm oil clarification tank
Crude Palm Oil Clarification Tank
final red palm oil
Produced Red Palm Oil
palm oil mill waste water treatment
Waste Water Treatment

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Process Design of the Small Crude Palm Oil Plant

View the process below to know how this small complete palm oil machine works. Just feel free to get in touch with us (info@palmoilmillplant.com) for detailed project report and the latest equipment price and construction cost.

  • Palm Fruits Loading
The manufacturing process of the palm oil machine set starts with the fruits being loaded into palm fruits cooking baskets that are made of stainless steel. The loading is done using trollies that transport them to and from the loading area. The cooking baskets are also weighed before they are placed in the cooker although the weighing is optional.
  • Palm Fruits Cooking

Using electric hoists, the baskets are placed in the palm fruit cooker for steaming which is done at atmospheric pressure. Once cooked, the baskets are taken to the palm fruit stripper platform for tipping. This complete set of palm oil making machine uses automatic tipping mechanism so the cooked fruit is automatically tipped into the platform once control is fed into the stripper. Threshing takes place at this stage.

  • Fruit Bunches Threshing
After the fruits and bunches are separated, the empty bunches (EFB) are removed from the stripper leaving the fruits which are taken to the digester. This is done using a screw conveyor after confirming that all the fruits have been removed from the palm fruit bunches.
  • Fruits Digesting
In the digesting machine (digester), the fruits are digested and diluted before being taken to the next stage which is CPO (crude palm oil) extraction.
  • Plam Oil Pressing / Extraction

Expulsion of water, oil and other products such as non-oily extracts is done by the palm oil press. The extracted oil is then taken to the crude oil tank while fiber and palm kernel / nuts are discharged from the the press cone of the oil expeller.

  • Palm Kernel & Fibre Seperation

There is no oil is left in the fibre. The separation of nuts and fibre is done using a separator after which the fibre is burnt in the furnace. The seprated palm kernel can be sold or sent to palm kernel oil extraction machine for extracting palm kernel oil (PKO). Read more about how to start palm kernel oil extraction business and how palm kernel oil is refined.

  • Crude Palm Oil Clarification

The oil is then pumped from the tank to the clarifiers where oil is separated from water and non-oily products Clarification is done using solid free draining system. After a specified retention time, clean water and other waste products are taken back to the farm.

The crude palm oil can be sale as edible oil directly, or it can be send to further processing production for making refined palm oil (RPO), refined bleached and deodorized palm oil (RBDPO), palm oil stearin and olein (fractionation of crude palm oil), or making palm oil soap,. 

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