25Kg/Batch Palm Oil Refinery Line as Lab Equipment in Malaysia

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As the demand for sustainable and efficient palm oil refining process continues to grow, palm oil refinery plant owners in malaysia are placing greater emphasis on the accuracy and scalability of refined palm oil production. While the size of this palm oil refinery laboratory equipment may seem small compared to industrial refinery machines, its importance cannot be overemphasized. (Read More: How to Start A Palm Oil Business>>)

Project Name Mini palm oil refinery plant
Country Malaysia
Capacity 25kg/batch
Raw Material Crude/Red palm oil
Technological Process Physical refining of crude palm oil

For many customers, mini palm oil refinery line is an important step towards larger scale palm oil refining. It serves as a testing ground to validate the feasibility and effectiveness of refining technology before you purchase a larger palm oil refinery plant.

Before moving into the complexities of industrial scale palm oil refining, a Malaysian company, Vance Bioenergy Sdn. Bhd., purchased a 25 kg per batch palm oil refinery line as pilot equipment from ABC Machinery. Using this lab equipment, they were able to experiment, optimize, and gain valuable insight into the refining process. With this knowledge, they will be able to make informed decisions, minimize risk and increase efficiency when starting a large palm oil milling plant business in the future. 

small palm oil refinery in malaysia
Small Palm Oil Refinery Line in Malaysia

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Mini 25Kg Per Batch Crude Palm Oil Refinery Machine Sold to Malaysia

The 25kg Per batch pilot palm oil refinery equipment manufactured by ABC Machinery is made of stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance, thus ensuring the safety and hygiene standards of palm oil.

mini palm kernel oil refinery production line plant cost
ABC's Engineers Are Conducting Palm Oil Refining Process Tests
small medium large palm oil refinery plant cost malaysia company
View of the Other Side of Mini Palm Oil Refinery Line

The oil refining machine is equipped with an electronic control system for precise temperature and time control, which guarantees the accuracy and stability of the palm oil refinery process.

The palm oil refining machinery is easy to operate, all the key data are visualized on the meter, so that the operator can easily grasp to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

In addition, the equipment is equipped with an advanced oil filtration machine, which can effectively remove impurities and improve the purity and quality of the palm oil.

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Buy Superior Quality Palm Oil Refinery Machines From ABC
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Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil

Whether it is palm oil or other kinds of edible oil, ABC’s refining equipment can provide you with reliable refining solutions!

Main Equipment List of This Small Palm Oil Refinery Line

Number Name QTY
1 Refining Tanks 1
2 Bleaching tank 1
3 Deodorization tank 1
4 Electric steam generator 1
5 Electronic control cabinet 1
6  Polish Filter for oil 1

ABC Machinery has a strong capability in the field of palm oil refinery machinery, which has been successfully sold in many countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc.
We provide customized solutions, including project design, equipment manufacturing and installation, and after-sales service to meet customers' individual needs.

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Malaysia 25Kg/Batch Palm Oil Refining Pilot Plant: Brief Process Description

This mini palm oil refining project adopts physical refining process, which can effectively reduce the acid price of palm oil and improve the quality of finished palm oil. Harmful impurities and some unwanted substances in the oil are removed as a way to improve the stability of palm oil storage. (Related Post: Palm Oil Chemicla and Physical Refining Process>>)

  • Based on the fact that FFAs and triacylglycerols (TAGs) esters are highly volatile under high temperature and low pressure, firstly, the gross palm oil is mixed with water or aqueous phosphoric acid solution and heated, centrifuged to remove the phospholipids and some polar lipids.
  • And then activated charcoal or white clay is used to remove the pigmented substances.
  • Finally, the saturated steam is used to remove the FFAs, TAGs, and volatile oxidizing products, and to bring out the neutral oil droplets.
Palm oil refining process and impurities to be removed
Refining process steps Targeted impurities
Degumming process Phospholipids, polar lipids
Neutralization process Pigmentation, residual saponification, phospholipids
Decolorization process Free fatty acids, residual phospholipids, metals
Deodorization process Volatile oxides, other impurities

Investing in Palm Oil Refinery in Malaysia: Key Reasons and Benefits

As one of the world's leading palm oil producers and exporters, Malaysia offers a favorable environment for crude palm oil production factory and refinery plant operations, supported by ample supply, strategic location, strong infrastructure and supportive policies. (Learning more about palm oil processing industry in Malaysia>>)

  • Abundant Supply: Malaysia, a global palm oil powerhouse, ensures a consistent flow of raw material for palm oil refinery operations.
  • Strategic Location: Malaysia's prime position grants easy access to key markets, streamlining the export of refined palm oil products.
  • Robust Infrastructure: With top-notch ports and transportation networks, Malaysia facilitates efficient logistics and distribution of refined palm oil.
  • Investor-Friendly Policies: Malaysia offers enticing investment policies, such as tax incentives and grants, to attract foreign investors to the palm oil production industry.

Our company has established friendly cooperation programs with many palm oil processing industry investors.

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