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What is Palm Oil ?

Ideally, Palm oil is produced from a palm fruit and widely used for cooking in the West Africa and South East Asia. Due to its growing use and benefits, palm oil is becoming a top-notch product for the cooking industry. And due to its prolonged shelf life of its products, it is often used in food products, like margarine, candy and even the baked food. In addition, palm oil is highly known for its cholesterol free and its relatively lower price.

palm oil produced by successful palm oil mill design

Benefits of Palm Oil

  1. An essential fatty acid and a vital source of energy production in the body;
  2. Readily digested in the body due to its finer components;
  3. Rich in Carotenoids material that is a precursor of the Vitamin A, a vital nutrient for the body growth;
  4. Without life- threatening cholesterol material;
  5. A natural antioxidant that offers necessary protection from free radicals as it contains the essential Vitamin A, which is needed for human body;

Concrete Designs of Palm Oil Mill Production Process

Palm oil is obtained  through a series of processes that should be completed with strict palm oil mill designs and professional palm oil making machine. The major steps are as follows. (see more details about palm oil mill plant )

high efficient palm oil mill design - the most important factor for palm oil mill plant

  • FFB Reception System

The fresh palm fruits are initially transported from the ranch before subjecting them on weighing them on a platform scale, recorded and lastly put on a discharging table. From the table, the fruits are evenly dropped on a fruit basket and let downwards by a power cable tray. After this, the bridge crane is then used to sling the basket loaded with the fruits that lead to the sterilization tank (information about sterilizing system).

  • Sterilization System Process

On a sterilization tank, the tank is closed, and a valve below it is opened to let in a saturated vapor. After the inlet of air, the valve is then closed when the cold air inside the tank is regularly excluded through steaming and sterilizing. After sterilization process, the water is then drained out of the reservoir and subsequent of the opening of the sterilization doors. The cooked fruit basket is then ready to be dragged downwards the beige crane used.

  • The Threshing System Process

During the third process, the sterilized fruits are put into a fruit basket car, and then into the unloading equipment before evenly feeding the grains into the fruit separating machine for separation. Therefore, the twisting and subsequent beating of the fruits inside the engine result into a full falling off of the fruits.

  • The Pressing System

In this process, the fruits are transported to a crusher through an elevator for regular pressing and crashing. A mixture of water and oil outflow from the pressing chamber shell hole while the fiber cake is being discharged from the clearance.

  • The Clarification System

In this step, a vibrated sifted filter is used in removing the fiber residues present in the oil before passing the oil into the passivization tank. In the reservoir, there is both direct and indirect steam. Through this condition, the oil and water mixture are then banished to the relatively higher order positions of the tank before eventually passing to the clarification tank. Ideally, the disk separator is used to remove water in oil in the tank and a heat plate exchanger to remove the residual water present completely. Now, after the vacuum drying, the net flow of oil in the reservoir can be feed into the next final production tank.

  • The Kernel Recovery System

Initially, the fiber caked that was dropped into the packing auger is broken by an interrupted blade. It is vital to evaporate the cake steadily during the transportation and entering the fibers into the machine. After that, the significant drops from the palm core are put in a bucket before being dried. The discharging hole is then opened at the bottom of the chafing bucket to allow the palm base to drop into the husking machine. The shell kernel separator can be, however, used to separate the grain mixture and the shell after the husking process. (you may also want to know palm kernel oil extration plant)

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