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ABC Machinery has the core business in delivering the technology, engineering and services over the world within the field of Palm Oil Mill Machinery. The palm oil mill machine manufactured by our company can keep efficient and smooth operation of a palm oil mill plant so as to increase the total palm oil production and reduce the oil produciton cost. (Related Post: Cost of Setting up a Palm Oil Mill in Nigeria >>)

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ABC Machinery is the leading palm oil mill machinery supplier that is integrated with palm oil mill machine manufacturing, mechanical and electrical engineering design, equipment installation and commissioning. We has our own research institute for the development of new products and new product experimental base. We strive to meet customer's actual needs by constantly updating and improving our equipment and services.

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Palm Oil Mill Plant Malaysia

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Large Palm Oil Mill Plant - Turnkey Project

Palm Oil Processing Plant Indonesia

palm oil processing plant Indonesia
5T/H Palm Oil Processing Plant

Palm Oil Production Line Nigeria

palm oil production line Nigeria
2T/H Palm Oil Production Line

ABC Machinery has been awarded as the first-class palm oil mill manufacturer and supplier, and its products and after service has won great reputation from its customers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria and more. If you are looking for palm oil mill manufacturer to start your palm oil milling business, ABC Machinery definitely is the best palm oil mill manufacturer. Just contact us directly, we will response to your questions instantly. (Related Post: Business Plan for Palm Oil Production >>)

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Crude Palm Oil Milling Process

The following is a brief description of crude Palm Oil Extraction Process. Our company provides a complete set of palm oil production equipment.

  • Palm Fruit Reception and Storage

Workers receive palm fruit bunches and send it to the Palm Oil Processing Plant for weighing. Then pour it into the palm slope to store. When palm oil processing is needed, open the unloading door, and the palm fruit bunches will fall to the conveyor to sterilize.

  • Sterilization

Use high temperature to prevent rancidity of palm fruit bunches. The palm fruit bunches are steamed for 30 minutes at 300KPa, reducing enzyme activity and preventing acid prices from rising.

  • Threshing

Palm fruit bunches accounts for 60% of the palm fruit. This section can use a rotating cylinder to separate the palm fruit.

  • Crushing

This section mainly destroys the skin and separates the flesh from the kernel. Mash the palm pulp to destroy the nucleus in preparation for further pressing

  • Pressing

Screw oil press is a common palm oil extraction machine. After pressing, the mixture of oil and water can be obtained and pressed cake (fiber cake).

  • Crude Palm Oil

Oil filter machine is used to separate the fibers from the crude oil. The oil and water are then separated by precipitation. After separation, the crude oil is filtered and vacuum dried to obtain palm crude oil.

Our company's palm oil production equipment consists of three oil processing lines:
(1) palm oil extraction
(2) palm oil refining
(3) palm oil fractionation

This is just a brief introduction to the main section of the palm oil production line. There are many details about the palm production. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Reliable Palm Oil Mill Manufacturer - Factory Price & Good Service

Processing of palm fruit bunches into edible oil is another important process which can be done using various methods by a professional and reliable palm oil mill manufacturer. The processing is done depending on the volume of the fruit bunches and can be divided in small scale palm oil mill plant, medium scale palm oil mill plant, and large-scale palm oil mill plant. The minimum limit for a small scale palm oil production line is that it only processes of 2 tons of fresh fruit bunches per hour. Any palm oil processing plant that has processing volumes of palm fruits above 2 tons is considered as medium scale or large scale industry.

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Most of the information can be found on the large scale and medium scale palm oil processing unit because most of the development has been done in these two zones. The small scale palm oil refinery plant was relatively a tedious process before and needed more sophisticate, efficient, and reliable palm oil mill processes. Most of the palm oil mill manufacturer still use traditional methods in order to extract oil from the palm fruit bunches, however, there has been a considerable amount of development which has made the process much more efficient over the time for the palm oil processing mill, which demands more professional palm oil mill manufacturers for palm oil producers, like Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia and more.

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