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Indonesia and Malaysia are the two main market of palm oil prduction. However palm oil is starting to be exported all over the word in recent years and the palm oil production also keep increasing, because of wide availability and low price.

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We went for a field trip to Indonesia from August 19 to September 2, 2018, to gain close insight into the local palm oil production. This trip gained us promising clients, who showed great interests in our business proposal and some paid the deposit on the spot.

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Sustainable palm oil production must also take into consideration the rights and needs of workers and other human beings impacted by the presence of production plants. New trees must continually be planted so as to reduce the effects of deforestation and to provide a sustainable business. And most importantly, everyone who is involved with the oil production must always been on the lookout for ways to improve harvesting and methods of producing the oil.

The following are the general processes of palm oil mill.

The area that the oil trees are grown in has some effect, but the biggest environmental impact has to do with who is growing the crop. Small farmers who grow multiple crops do less damage to the ecosystem than large monocrop plantations that only grow one. Large amounts of African oil is produced by small farmers, and is much less environmentally damaging. 

Indonesia Palm Oil Production

Referring to palm oil production in Indonesia, more than half of the global palm tree is planted in Indonesia, and much of this is grown on clear-cut land. However, there have been advances in recent times-- just within this last year, the production of sustainable palm oil has been doubled.

Country Production (1000 MT) - Year of Estimate: 2018
Indonesia 40,500
Malaysia 21,000
Thailand 2,900
Colombia 1,530
Nigeria 970


Globle Palm Oil Production Market

Some conservation experts raise concerns that there is no such thing as ‘sustainable’ palm oil, but these voices are in the minority. Given that this oil is a major crop in the world and likely to remain so, most choose to focus on ways to limit the impact of the crop on the local ecosystems and the global atmosphere. And the pressure they are leveling seems to be working-- several large food companies such as Nestle and General Mills have agreed to purchase only sustainable palm oil by 2015.

At times, it can seem like the list of items to purchase or avoid in order to be ecologically friendly is endless. But every time you check that mental list, you are doing your part in keeping the world a good place to live for future generations. Palm oil production can be done without destroying the land that it is grown on, and consumers purchasing these sustainable oils is the pressure needed to force corporations to produce them.

Maybe you are also interested in the key to success of palm oil extracting business is harvesting technique and handling of palm fruit.

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